The national implementation plan for electric mobility in and from Austria, which was published in 2012, set out a number of measures and requirements. By joining forces, the opportunities and potential of electromobility should be exploited in the best possible way. The qualification and further training necessary for the expansion and safeguarding of Austrian technological expertise in electromobility therefore had to be strengthened on a broad basis.

Around 2,500 skilled workers would be needed over the next 6 years. Immediately after the publication of the national implementation plan for electromobility, the first HV training course in Austria (2012) was carried out by GF Ing. Deniz Kartal at the Siegfried Marcus Vocational School in Vienna. First and foremost, the vocational school teachers from several federal states were qualified by EVALUS GmbH. The first project week (2012) at the Siegfried Marcus vocational school, which was organized by BD OSR Dipl.-Päd. Markus Fuchs, was also the starting signal for high-voltage training in Austria. The training then continued with technicians from a wide variety of fields. Employees from the areas of development/production and aftersales were qualified throughout Austria.

In the field of high-voltage technology and safe working on electrically powered vehicles with high-voltage systems, we are proud to announce that we have made a significant contribution to achieving this goal. With more than 5,000 people sensitized in the HV sector, we were even able to train twice as many people.

We are proud of this.

Last week (31.03.2023), Ing. Deniz Kartal was back at the Siegfried Marcus Vocational School as an HV examiner for high-voltage training and presented the 5000th EVALCARD holder with a small gift in the presence of BD OSR Dipl.- Päd. Markus Fuchs.

Another requirement of the national implementation plan was to intensify cooperation between companies, schools and research institutions and to make the best possible use of the existing research infrastructure. EVALUS GmbH was also able to make a major contribution in this area. From 2014, the regulars’ table for electromobility in Austria was organized annually by EVALUS GmbH. This event was renamed EV Safety Day in 2018 because the regulars’ table simply became too small due to the increasing number of visitors. The next EV Safety day will take place at the AutoZUM trade fair from 20.06.2023 to 23.06.2023. You can find more information at