5000 EVAL cards – e-mobility implementation plan target doubled

The national implementation plan for electric mobility in and from Austria, which was published in 2012, set out a number of measures and requirements. By joining forces, the opportunities and potential of electromobility should be exploited in the best possible way. The qualification and further training necessary for the expansion and safeguarding of Austrian [...]

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Does the high-voltage training have an expiration date?

Recurring training and further training for high-voltage training is of course required and even prescribed by law. Since the introduction of our EVAL card in 2016, we have required our training participants to undergo regular further training. Otherwise the validity of their certificate will expire. In recent months, we have been asked more and [...]

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No EVAL card – No HV-3 training

High-voltage training should not be a course where a trainer, wearing insulated gloves, waves a few times and then hands out certificates. It is about the safety of employees. Working on electrically powered vehicles with high-voltage systems without sound knowledge of high-voltage systems can be very dangerous. In the worst case, serious or even [...]

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HV intrinsically safe vehicles or non-intrinsically safe? Are you sure?

Is the vehicle your employees are working on an HV intrinsically safe or non-HV intrinsically safe vehicle? Does this have anything to do with the safety of the vehicle or just with the design of the HV system inside the vehicle? Lots of questions and no clear answers. We have a clear answer for [...]

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The EVAL Card – not just a global qualification license

The EVALCARD is a global license to work on electric propelled vehicles. The abbreviation EVAL stands for Electric Vehicle Access License. Every Participant from EVAL Cert certified Training Institutes gets an EVAL Card with a QR-Code like in this example above. This QR-Code is linked with the public profile of the evalcard owner. On [...]

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